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Selected Locum Tenens Professionals

Mission Search specializes in providing Permanent Employees and Locum Resources to Hospitals and Radiation Oncology centers on a national basis. Here is a partial list of top professionals seeking new opportunities. Let’s talk about your current situation, and work together toward a viable solution…”

Medical Physicist (SAR-Locum-11786 ): PhD, DABR. SRS: BrainLab, CyberKnife, GammaKnife. Prostate seeds & implants, HDR

Dosimetrist (SAR-Locum-11139): CMD '02, 7 years experience Eclipse, CMS Xio, 3D & IMRT, BrainLAB LDR Variseed Implants planning & HDR Nucletron (Mammosite, Vaginal Cylinders, Bronchs).

Dosimetrist (SAR-Locum-11762 ): CMD ’89. 20+ years experience ADAC 3D & IMRT, Eleckta Precise 2, AECL Theraplan, Theraplan Plus, CMS XIO, ROCS.

Therapist (SAR-Locum-12041): ARRT 3 years experience Varian 2100CD, 600C, Electa, CT Simulator, Acuity Simulator, Varis R&V, Impac R&V, Multileaf, IMRT.

Medical Physicist (WJE–Locum-1009): Physicist PhD, ABR Certified, 6 yrs exp; IMRT, IGRT,,ADAC, CMS, Brachytherapy(PSI,LDR,HDR) SRS, QA, IMPAC.

Medical Physicist (WJE-Locum-9501): MS, ABR Certified, 30 yrs exp., Nucletron ,ADAC, CMS, Eclipse, IMRT, Brachytherapy(PSI,LDR,HDR),, IMPAC.

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