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Online résumé banks can hurt you more than help you! Especially if you want to stand apart from the crowd.

Pitfalls include:

  • Loss of privacy: Publicizing personal information (name, address, telephone number, employment history) leaves you vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Exposure to troublemakers: Publicizing your email address increases your risk of unsavory or unwelcome spam and virus-infected emails from strangers.
  • Loss of confidentiality: It is not uncommon for an employee’s résumé to be seen by their employer.
  • Loss of control of your résumé: It is a common practice for résumé banks to obtain your résumé from a legitimate source and paste your résumé into their résumé bank without your knowledge or consent. You might post your résumé at one website and find that it has been reproduced in a dozen websites.
  • Loss of control of where your résumé is submitted: Regrettably, not all recruiters are ethical. A common practice among unethical recruiters is to retrieve your online résumé and submit it to their contacts without your knowledge or even contacting you.
  • Lost in the crowd: Clients frequently lament that a single internet job post results in hundreds of résumés. Often it is the first 5-10 qualified résumés that get attention. The remaining hundreds are scanned into the candidate tracking system and often forgotten.
  • Perpetual twilight zone: If your résumé finds it’s way into their candidate tracking system (even through no fault of your own), your chances of being visible decrease. Many clients have a ‘perpetuity’ rule – if they have your résumé in their candidate tracking system, we are ineligible to represent you in perpetuity. It is now up to you to advance your interests within that organization. Suppose the organization obtained your résumé 3 years ago, when you were seeking a staff position. You have now advanced to a management position and we make you aware of a confidential opening for a manager at that same hospital. We would be unable to promote your candidacy for that position.

What is the answer?

Changing jobs is stressful. While internet technology is a wonderful conduit for the rapid access to and exchange of information, it is no substitute for the personalized service of a competent recruiter. Consider enlisting the aid of one of our recruiters. Let us do the searching for you! You can rest assured that only the right people will see your personal details.

At Mission Search, our MISSION is to do the SEARCHing for you.

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